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Virtual Fleet Director is dedicated to helping organizations with equipment and personnel in the field increase employee productivity and equipment efficiency.  Our experts can help you save money and free up your time to focus on the core competencies of your business. 


If you manage a small to mid-size fleet, your success is our only focus.  For most businesses, insuring that fleet operations are running smoothly is a time consuming affair that distracts from the company’s core activities.  Let us show you how one of our experts can not only save your business money, but help you make your operations safer and allow you to focus on what you do best.

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Five Examples of How Fleet Monitoring Can Save You Money

Make Your Drivers Better: Speeding, accidents, and reckless driving can cost you money.

Improve Maintenance: We keep track of when routine maintenance is due on a vehicle.

Increase Productivity: You cannot supervise if you don't know your staff's location.

Reduce Overtime: Avoiding unnecessary overtime can easily pay for the service.

Save on Fuel: Personal side trips and errands can add up over the month.

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